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If you will never be the best at something you like doing, do it anyway!

Our society places a lot of emphasis on winning, as if that were the only way to have complete satisfaction. However, being #1 at anything in the world is only a short-lived satisfaction, inasmuch as the top rated person eventually gets replaced, and most of us will never reach that level anyway.

Truly we only experience a small fragment of the universe, so we cannot have any ultimate claim to "best" no matter how well we do something. Already we have invented machines that can do many things better than the best humans:

The simple answer of why people do those things anyway, is because they want to! People naturally get joy from exercising their skills and satisfying their curiosity, and it doesn't matter that it's been done before or done better.

Unfortunately, this is something the people tend to forget as they get older. Though as children we have a natural enthusiasm, as adults we may feel like we've "done it all" and so there is no point. We work all day, and in the evening we flop down on a couch, maybe watch some TV that seems barely worth watching (we've seen stuff like it before), and apart from chores we may do little else.

Then as we reach retirement years and have plenty of time for recreation, we gradually find that we are no longer able to do many of the things we did before. Most residences for senior citizens' offer activities that people can still do, and those who choose not to tend to have a shorter life. Life goes on, but not for long, after the joy of living has gone!

So, in this message for March, 2020, as spring arrives in my country, I have this recommendation to offer: Do some activities now that you like or arrange for them soon. Remember the things you enjoyed doing when you were younger, and do them again. It's better yet if you can invite some family or friends to do them with you, for your mutual benefit, and to magnify the joy. Sing, play music, hike through a park, have a picnic, read a new book, join a club, or try some things you haven't done before. In the grand scheme of the universe none of this is significant, but to your life it makes a difference, so don't neglect it!

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