Focus on the 90% that is positive in your life rather than the 10% that is not.

From the introduction of the book Focus on the 90% by Darci Lang:

"I believe we hold an imaginary magnifying glass out in front of us and we can choose to do one of two things with that magnifying glass: focus it on the positive 90% in our lives that work, or focus on the negative 10%s that don't work. What we focus on determines how we live our lives.

"Everyone has 10%s in his or her life. I am a happy person but I am not delusional, I understand life is not perfect. I find that too often, people get pre-occupied with what they don't like about themselves, their spouse or their jobs. Dwelling on these 10%s can be exhausting and only serve to distract you from the 90% that you love about yourself and others around you.

"Why isn't 90% good enough? When you were in school, if you got 90% on an exam I'll bet you were pretty happy (or at least 90% of you were). We are not perfect, our spouse isn't perfect, nor are our children, friends, co-workers or jobs. We discover true peace of mind and have a happier life when we learn to accept this and start focusing on the 90% that works."

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