Friend to Yourself

Be your own best friend!

A person's attitude depends a lot on the way the person habitually thinks. It makes the difference between appreciating things and enjoying life v.s. being miserable even in situations where others would be happy. Your inner thoughts that you express to yourself makes you the kind of person you are.

Everyone makes mistakes from time to time, or does things in ways that are less than perfect. That is part of the learning experience. When that happens to you, do you inwardly criticize yourself? Do you silently tell yourself "Darn, was I ever stupid!!"

The next time, before you think think that kind of thought about yourself, ask yourself this: "If my best friend made that mistake, would I criticize them? Would I tell them that they are stupid?"

Most likely you would not! Instead you would console your friend. You might tell them that it was a mistake that anyone could make, and not to feel badly. You might encourage them, to tell them that you have confidence in them and that things will go better in the future.

Probably you picked your friend because there are things about them that you like or admire. The friend is worthy of your friendship. So aren't you also worthy of your friendship? Why would you treat yourself worse than your friend?

So the next time you feel like "kicking yourself," don't. You deserve better treatment than that. Instead, be your own best friend. If you made a mistake you will do better in the future, and meanwhile you will appreciate the good things that you have done and will continue to do.

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