Magic Everywhere

Enjoy the magic that is everywhere!

What is magic? It is something amazing that seems beyond explanation. Considering how many books and movies there are about magic powers (witches, wizards, etc.), there must be many people who are wishing for something beyond the ordinary.

However, have you ever given any appreciation to the magic that is real?

Imagine that you could go back in time a couple of centuries. While there, tell the people about the following world: a world where people could zoom across the ground faster than any animal, fly through the air faster and higher than any bird, talk to their friends in faraway places anytime, and draw upon vast libraries of books and information no matter where they may be.

They would probably tell you that the world you described is an impossible fantasy, but it's not. You are living in it right now!

How do we do these amazing things? We use automobiles, airplanes, telephones, computers, wireless tablets, and other technology! These would be magic to the people of the past who didn't understand how they work. And actually, you might ask yourself if you understand how they work--and if you don't then really they are magic to you too!

But, you might object, that is NOT the same as special powers such as telepathy or telekenisis that only a few people might have. But think again! In all the experiments on telepathy, the subjects are doing well if they can make a correct guess 51 times out of 100. You can get much better results using a telephone to communicate with the faraway person! And what about telekenisis? It really only pulled off as a stage trick but not in real life. A magnet is more powerful than telekenisis, and if you really want to move something heavy, use a crane or a bulldozer! You will beat telekenisis every time!

So why not appreciate and enjoy the magic of the real world? Not only is our technology amazing, but consider how many amazing things there are in the natural world. Do you understand how a seed grows, or how a flower opens, or how the stars in the galaxy were formed? There is so much to learn and discover that seems like magic, so why not enjoy the real thing?

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