Prepare and Prevent...

It is better to prepare and prevent than to repair and repent. - author unknown

An effective strategy for having a happy life is to foresee situations you might face and plan in advance what you would do in those situations.

Sometimes people face difficulties because they lack "time independent judgement," which is the ability to be satisfied with a decision both at the time it is made and afterward. One way you can prevent rash, regrettable behavior is by planning ahead how you would handle situations you may face, and then sticking to your plan regardless of the temptation or the pressure that someone puts on you.

It is particularly important when raising children to discuss stories involving challenges they will face. Appropriate stories can decrease a child's anxiety of handling unfamiliar situations (such as going to a new school, travelling for the first time on an airplane, etc.) and prepare them for more serious threats (such as schoolyard bullying or being offered dangerous narcotic drugs). The best stories to discuss are those that are realistic and appropriate to challenges the child would face at their age. In addition to telling or reading the story, you need to discuss alternatives, the consequences of each, and the choice that yields the best result.

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