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Tiny game image. Click to play online.
Simulation Game of bumper cars, with discussion about application to the real world.

Here are links to online ethics games on other web sites, suitable for children 8 years old and up:

QuandaryGame.org Quandry game: a set of story-based games about a new planet where challenges arise. The player gathers information from characters in the game, in order to classify the information as facts, opinions, or alternatives. (To play this game you must register on the Quandry web site.)

Stories for Young Children

kidsgen.com > moral_stories Fables and Fairy Tales.

Interactive Novel

Cartoon face. XL Interactive Novel for elementary school age children. This is a futuristic novel about a 10 year old boy. At various points in the story, one of the characters must make a choice--and the reader will advise the character of what to do! The choice determines what happens next.

Stories and Articles for Teens and Adults

Here are some thought provoking stories or analogies from the editor of Univeral Ethics:

Devious Politician The Story of The Devious Politician: How a self-interested method of decision making can produce undesirable results.
Tropical Island Can Ethics be a Science? An opinion on the debate, including an analogy: The Story of the Tropical Island (a story of cooperation).
Man with dog About Honesty: The Story of a Man with a Dog, the nature and need for honesty, exceptions, white lies...
Tiny game image. Bumper Cars: How experience leads to rules

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