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I will protect the ecology of the world where I live.

A typical wish

This supports the Ecology ideal: "I wish to live in a world where the ecology is sustainable forever."

"I wish that I and my descendants shall never suffer damage to their health or livlihood due to pollution nor suffer due to the depletion of natural resources or the extinction of plants or animals that might be useful or desirable to them."

Most people want the same thing for themselves, but they may be ignorant of the situation or preocupied with more immediate, personal concerns. They might not think much about harm to the ecology and it's affect on other people or future generations.

Making the Wish come true

Each person may cast their vote by supporting a transition to renewable energy resources and sustainable technologies that involve recycling rather than pollution.

Each person can also help to build awareness by passing on any useful information that they possess, and by encouraging others when they make efforts to improve the situation.

What exceptions may there be?

There is a problem with some renewable resources like oil that might be needed by future generations: for a truly "sustainable" future, no future generation can use them because there is always a subsequent future generation that might need those resources. But it doesn't make sense that nobody should ever get any use of those resources ever!

Therefore, it is permissible for the people in the world of today to "use up" some of the resources, provided that a) use of non-renewable resources is minimized, and b) we can forsee that the future generations will have some other means they can employ to meet their needs long before the natural resource is exhausted.

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