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I will seek to have a loving family.

A typical wish

This supports the family ideal: "I wish to have a loving family, where the parents will love the children always and care for them as long as they need it, and where the parents are committed to stay together always in love and friendship. This ideal applies to my family that I was born into as well as a family that I may create as an adult."

Pretty much every person wants the same thing, but it is not always easy to obtain.

Sometimes children are born into families where love is lacking, and each family member faces a challenge to encourage it. Sometimes people grow up into adults and find themselves in a cold world where it is difficult to find a suitable companion that meets their ideals (and vice versa).

Making the Wish come true

Some methods:

For those who have a family now: treat your family members with kindness; have loyalty to your family and be true to your mate.

For those who do not have a family, but who are at a stage in their life where they might create a family: Seek out a mate who meets your ideals; make yourself worthy of such a mate. For some important considerations in that matter, refer to the marriage topic within this web site.

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