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I will seek to have a few good friends, and to befriend other people near me who may be in need of friendship.

A typical wish

This supports the Friendship ideal: "I wish to have one or more good friends. I wish to live in a world where each person can find a friend who shares their interests and values."

Pretty much every person wants the same thing. Sometimes a person might seem like they aren't intrested in making friends, but that's usually becuase they already have friends or family members who fill their need for friendship. In other cases a person may indeed be lonely, but their pride gets in the way of letting it be discovered. Typically a lack of friendship or love can make a person very miserable. Some people are so lonely they could cry, and they might--in private.

Making the Wish come true

Here are ways to cast your vote for a friendlier world:

"I will act in a friendly and courteous manner towards all people whom I meet."

"I will pursue opportunities to offer friendship to other people who may be in need of a friend, even when I don't necessarily need more friends myself."

What exceptions may there be?

Each person has a limited time available for friendship so it is not possible to actively pursue friendship with everyone. Therefore one may have to be selective about which people one maintains friendship with.

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