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Healthy Living

I will protect my health by not taking in any substances that are harmful to my body and by not exposing myself to unnecessary risks.

A typical wish

This supports the Healthy Body and Healthy Mind ideals:

"I want to live a health and long life, free of pain and suffering insofar as possible."

"I want to have a healthy mind, and to be surrounded by people who also choose to preserve their sanity."

Pretty much every person wants the same thing, but some may compromise their health for other goals, often unnecessarily.

For example, a young person may give up their long term health or in order to "fit in" with peers who smoke, who use other narcotic drugs, or follow some other unhealthy fad. The individual may have such a strong desire for friendship and "belonging" that they are willing to sacrifice their future health. Worse yet, this can be a vicious circle because it perpetuates itself: other young people get drawn in to making the same sacrifice--a sacrifice that none of them really want!

Making the Wish come true

Each person can cast a vote by making healthy choices and refusing short-term thrills and traps that have long-term adverse consequences.

When one person detects that someone else is trapped in the "vicious circle" mentioned above, they can help that person to break free by extending some friendship to that person. They can demonstrate to the person that friendship, healthy living, and happiness are all possible simultaneously.

Each person can also help to make the wish come true by education and research, so that nobody ends up sacrificing their health due to ignorance.

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