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Honesty is best policy.

A typical wish

This supports the Knowlege and truth ideal: "In my ideal world, correct information will be readily available to all those who can be trusted to use it for good rather than evil."

In what kind of world can a good person obtain this correct information? "I would like to live in a world where others tell me the truth to the best of their ability, so that I can gain the knowledge that I want, without being misled or tricked into making decisions that bring harm to me."

Every being capable of aquiring knowledge from others typically wants the same thing, even when they do not act honestly themselves.

Making the Wish come true

Each person may vote to make the wish come true by telling the truth and by freely providing information to those who request it.

What exceptions may there be?

Knowledge is power, and power can be misused. If the release of information to an untrustworthy individual would likely result in them harming another person, it may be necessary to withhold the information from them or to provide false information, such as to deny that the information is available.

For a further explanation see About Honesty: The Story of a Man with a Dog, which covers the nature and need for honesty, exceptions, white lies, etc.

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