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Pornography and Violence

Rather than spending time with media that glorifies harmful behavior, it is better to view, listen to, and read informational or entertaining materials that inspire good behavior.

A typical wish

This supports the Healthy Mind ideal: I want to have a healthy mind, and to be surrounded by people who also choose to preserve their sanity.

A healthy mind is supported by the following related wishes:

"I would like to live in a world where nobody is made to suffer for the entertainment of another person. That means that there will be no cruel sports as in the circus of ancient Roman times. It also means that people will not be sexually exploited for the production of pornography."

"I would like to live in a world in which people are encouraged to become good people rather than being tricked into behaviours that produce misery."

"My ideal person takes good care of his (or her) mind, so that it is capable of making good decisions, and so that its positive motivators are activated that tend to lead it to durable outcomes of happiness."

Most people want the same result, but sometimes they lack time-independant judgement, and hence they be tricked into behaviour that has a short term thrill and a regrettable longer term outcome. Through repeated exposure to deceptive content, some people may come to a state where they associate pleasure with the suffering of others; such people can become very dangerous and destructive.

Note that these wishes are also related to the Kindness ideal.

Making the Wish come true

Each person can cast a vote by choosing to expose themself to informational and entertaining materials that have a positive influence on them. If each person votes by their actions for that content, the opposite kind will lack a market and would disappear.

Also each person can cast a vote by protecting others who would be exploited to their detrement because of their desperate need for money, or because they are forced into such exploitation against their will.

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