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This web site is devoted to helping people live better lives via the use of ethical principles and practical wisdom. It contains resources and links to help each person gain happiness for themselves and to spread happiness.

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Resources for Children and parents: Stories, Games and handy links.
Research: Try an online simulation that shows how ethical rules emerge in a population. Or download a computer simulation that demonstrates the effects of ethical and unethical behaviors on populations. Read about the real-world evidence of the evolutionary advantage of altruistic behavior...
Skills: Reason, Logic, Cooperation...
Promoting Ethics in Businesses, Professions, and Governments: Information and Resources
Other Ethics web sites.
Building a better world: Charitable organizations.
Goal-oriented planning for families or individuals: the Pathways to Happiness planning method and software tool.
Statement of Principles: What is Universal Ethics? How are content and links selected for inclusion on this site?

Wise Choices

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